We had a great weekend. Friday the kids were all home and we ventured out in the horrible snowy rainy weather to register Paige for Kindergarten and a fill up at the grocery store. Saturday, the weather was suppose to be nasty again, so Paige’s soccer game was canceled which meant, nothing to do all day long. A Saturday with nothing to do is a rare treat around here. Scott and Paige went out and did a little shopping while Sam, Alice, Mason and I stayed home. While Mason napped on the floor after some hard playing, Sam, Alice and I read, and read, and read some more. Sam finished two books and Alice finished one. I love that they adore reading as much as I do. It is so awesome that we can spend an afternoon reading. After dinner, we headed over to Ute Valley for a short hike to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. After our hike, we took the kids out for some ice-cream. Mason really enjoyed his superman ice-cream and took forever to eat it. One lick at a time.
Today was a busy fun day. We headed to church as our usual start to a Sunday. After church, Scott took the kids home and I went out for a long run. We ended up running for almost two hours and ran 9.93 miles. Yahoo!!! Scott’s cousin John, his wife Jen and their totally adorable son Jackson came down from Denver for lunch and the afternoon. The kids played outside, kicked around the soccer ball, threw some crazy football passes to Uncle John and generally wore themselves right out. Here are some cute pics from our hike. My big camara is out of commission so these are from our point and shoot. Nice to carry, not so nice for pictures.

Have a good week!

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