If you asked my mom, she would probably tell you that I have never been a morning person. I am definitely more of a night owl. My habits have definitely changed since becoming a mom but if I had my way I would sleep in every morning. Unfortunately, 4 little beings 8 and under, don’t care for that plan. Paige routinely enters my room between 4 am and 5 am and wants to jump in and cuddle. At that time of the morning, she doesn’t much care about daddy as long as he gets out of her way in route to momma. I also find it hard to exercise after the kids are out of bed so that leaves early morning or after bedtime. In the evenings, I can find the will power to drag myself to the basement for a short workout but anything more than a half hour and I am done so that really just leaves early morning for those longer runs.

This morning, ahem, very early, 5:30 am, I picked up my dear friend and running partner, Kristin, and we headed out. We ran a little over 5 miles on the Santa Fe trail. After our long 10 miler on Sunday, we were ready for some trail. And so were our feet :). It was another pretty morning. I don’t have any pictures because 1) At 5:30 am it is a good thing I remember my shoes and 2) even carrying my keys sometimes feels like a ton of bricks.

The Santa Fe trail is part of a fantastic trails system that runs north/south on the west side of Colorado Springs. It is mostly dirt and nice gentle ups and downs. We started running north toward the Air Force Academy, took a bathroom pit stop at the lake and then ran a bit further into the Academy, turned around and ran back south to the car.

Anyway, it might be a good day for a nap. After lunch, Mason, Paige and I are joining some friends from our neighborhood co-op at the fire station for a tour. Mason is so excited! He has been chanting “fire truck” for a couple days now which makes me regret ever telling him the good news.

I have been meaning to give you a catch up post on Mason. It is coming soon. Our little guy is busy. Very busy.

I am also hoping to post soon about food. A couple of my friends have asked me about our food and eating habits around here so I am going to give my mommy advice on meal time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you πŸ™‚

Have a great Thursday. We are hoping for a repeat weather performance from yesterday. Paige would really like a full soccer practice tonight, for the first time this season. It is so refreshing to see the trees beginning to bud, grass turning green and the birds singing as I get out in the morning. At least the birds are happy so early in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Morning

  1. 5:30 is hard core! I blame not being able to run in the morning on Brandon usually leaving for work at 5:30 or 6, but truth is – I probably wouldn't do it if he was home anyway!! You're a great motivator πŸ™‚

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