Like I said in my last post, this little guy is busy. Busy, busy, busy. He pretty much moves all the time. I am finding it hard to get some good pics of him because he usually moves before I can get the shot. He is really moving from toddler to big boy. Occasionally he will say to me…”Me no baby, me big boy”. I haven’t broke it to him yet. He will always be my baby.

He made so many milestones in his first year home. We aren’t seeing so many of those big changes just the small ones that come with growing and getting a bit older.

Mom, momma, mommy, hey mom, mommmmmmmm and mommymommymommymommy are still his favorite things to say. Over and over again. Sometimes it is cute.

He is talking a ton and some of his favorite phrases are Come on! No way! Aw right!

He adores his sisters and brother and takes inventory all day long. Sambo? At school. JieJie Alice? School too. Paigie? She’s at school too. Aw right.

We have seen most of the attachment issues fade away. He now realizes that, no matter what, I am the one that he belongs to. No one else. Ever.

Our busy little guy. Isn’t he cute?

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