Mother’s Day

I had the best day. The kids were good. The weather was gorgeous. We spent the day outside. All the things I love.

We started the day at church, had bagels for lunch, hiked 4 miles in Cheyenne Canyon, had Mexican for dinner and opened a couple awesome presents from the kids. I had the best day.

The best part of all was that I spent the entire day with my kids and handsome husband. Couldn’t have been better.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and those that are waiting or wishing to become mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to the grandmas, aunts, friends and women who love children. You are honored today.

We had many stops along the way. We stopped to sit (and climb) on many a rock.
We stopped for many drinks.

We stopped for a snack.

We stopped to cuddle and be silly.

We stopped for more snacks.

We stopped to tie shoes.

We definitely stopped to smell the roses, so to speak.
This mom thing….
It is a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

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