Summer~ Still Waiting!

As the school year winds down, the amount of activities always seems too accumulate and ramp up. Sam and Alice have one more week of school left and then they are done for summer break. They both have started swimming two nights a week in pre-season practice for swim team. Sam is still trying to make it to karate until the end of the month. Alice will finish this last session of gymnastics and has one more daisy scout meeting before the end of school. Tonight Sam is attending an info meeting for Boy Scouts, really, because we don’t have enough to do 🙂 Paige is also finishing up her last gymnastics session. Mason continues to go along for the ride. We try and attend playgroups about every 3 weeks and he really enjoys that.

To top it off, it is still snowing. Word to Mother Nature…IT IS MAY!!! The pool opens in 2 weeks and IT IS STILL SNOWING! Can you tell that I am ready for some summer weather. Forget about spring. Go directly to SUMMER. I have put the winter coats away and have sorted through the warm weather clothes. We are so ready!

I have not had a good running week. Since the weather has been so crummy, I haven’t really wanted to run outside and I have a mental block when it comes to running on the treadmill. I run for about 2 miles and then feel like I might die. I know, I know. It is silly but true. Anyway, this has resulted in me running very little. Because I have a fitness goal to run 3 times a week on top of my other workouts, I do it. Run on the treadmill that is. But I will never say that I enjoy it. That is definitely the truth. Like I said, the pool opens in two weeks and at some point, I will need to get into my bathing suit. Note to the treadmill~ My bathing suit thanks you.

Overall, life is good. The kids are fairly healthy and happy. Scott has been busy at work. He is getting away this week and flying to Michigan for a cousin’s wedding. He is really excited. I am getting a sitter on Saturday afternoon and I am really excited about that.

Have a great end to the week. Here’s to next Friday (last day of school, is case you skipped down to the bottom) and hoping that I don’t collapse. Looking forward to a fun summer at the pool and hanging out with the kids.


One thought on “Summer~ Still Waiting!

  1. I am ready for summer vacation too Jen! Even though I will have another child to wait on I mean care for : ), I am ready for a break from the school thing.
    I'm sending some sun your way!

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