Rice Night

I have read about this on some other blogs and thought that it was an interesting idea. Rice night. One night a week eat just rice and water. My kids were really put off tonight when they asked me what was for dinner and I replied….Rice. Kids: What?? Just rice???

For us, eating just rice, seems like a sacrifice but for many all over the world, rice is the staple, their meal; just rice. For some, rice is a luxury.

It is my hope that by eating rice one night a week, it will teach my children to be compassionate to the lives of other children. Children all over the world who hunger, children who do not have enough food, children who eat only when food is available, children who don’t have the luxury of anything they want anytime they choose.

During dinner, we had a really nice conversation about eating just rice. The kids had a lot of good questions. Some questions I could answer and some I had to say I don’t know.

Another reason to eat just rice is that it saves money. Extra money that we could put toward something important like a mission at our church or toward sponsoring a child in need.
You are probably wondering, do we need to eat just rice? No, but we want to. There are places in our lives where we can save money.
Now you are probably asking yourself, are those kids really understanding the concept of hunger by eating one bowl of rice a week? No, of course not, but it will help them start to understand and it stirs the thought in their minds that others may live differently than them. Others do not live as abundantly as they do. It also teaches all of us, big and small, that we can live with less. Much less.

Hey Honey, what’s for dinner???
Just Rice.

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