While the cat’s away…..

Scott was gone all weekend and man, did we keep ourselves busy.

Friday night, I had a craving for pizza, so we all headed out to our local Italian restaurant and pizzeria, Piazza’s, and enjoyed pizza, salad, flat bread and sodas (gasp!) After a month without soda, I truly savored mine. If you think that I am crazy for taking 4 kiddos to a fairly nice Italian restaurant you are very right. I am crazy. No just kidding, I had it completely under control. Well, sort of. Here’s the deal. We went early (4:00pm) in hopes that the restaurant would be pretty empty, took a game to play at the table (Bananagrams) and practiced our manners. My kids are usually really good out as long as they understand the expectations.
Saturday, Paige had a soccer game so I had our favorite sitter over for 3 hours while I took her to her game. After I dropped Paige back off at the house, I took off and went out to lunch, all by myself, and to Kohl’s, all by myself. All by myself is really fun. Really. Fun. I mean it.
Saturday night was rice night and then we finished it off with a movie.
Today was crazy busy. We started out at church, sent Paige off to her soccer game with friends, headed to Target with the other three to buy a present, took Sam to a birthday party, drove to the soccer game and picked up Paige, went to Chipotle, grocery shopped at Whole Foods, took the groceries home, jumped back in the car and went to the birthday party to pick up Sam. I should have clocked my mileage. It would have been high. The nice thing is we burned the entire day 8:45 am to 3:00 pm. Another day full of fun.

Scott is on his way home and I am planning out my quiet evening. I wonder if he has figured out my plan yet. The one that includes him. Him putting the kids to bed. Him reading bedtime stories. Him doing the dishes. Okay, that might be pushing it.

This is the kids last week of school before summer vacation. Look out!

One thought on “While the cat’s away…..

  1. I know you all are glad to get Scott, dad back home and we were sad to see him go. Had a great time and was sooo nice to see him and visit and for him to get to see the rest of the family. Thanks!! Papa G and Grandma

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