A Week{end} Full

Saturday morning, I ran a half-marathon (the highest downhill half in this country, over 10,000 feet) starting at the Loveland ski area and finishing in Georgetown. I was really happy to finish in just under 2 hours at 1:56:33. I took no pictures…..

Saturday we had the neighborhood ice-cream social in our yard. It did rain a bit but didn’t stop any of us from filling our mouths with yummy goodness.

Saturday evening, Alice had her first-ever slumber party to celebrate her 7th birthday. 5 little girls took over the house and had a blast! They had pizza and cupcakes, watched High School Musical, did tons of crafts, played upstairs, downstairs and outside and listened to lots of girly music. (As you can see, Alice inherited her grandmother’s ability to accessorize well).

Sunday morning, Sam and Scott went to church and Sam sang with his fellow VBSers. They had a fun week learning about Jesus and having a galactic blast. The space theme kept everyone excited.

Looking forward to a quieter week ahead! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We are going to have a nice quiet Sunday night.


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