art in the backyard

Can you guess what we have been up to today?

Of course, it is Monday.

And on Monday, we like to get messy.

Today, they got really messy.

In a good way.

They fingerpainted. Even big(ger) kids like to get their hands messy with paint.

And then they washed it off.

In the sprinkler.

And they definitely did not have any fun.

Sam tried out his karate moves.

They danced on the edges.
Alice didn’t mind getting wet.

So she jumped in.

Mason washed his hands very carefully.

The water is cold.

Paige got soaked and loved it. Now they are all cleaned up and had fun doing it. Who needs a bath when you got a sprinkler in the backyard.

Even the deer came over to play and get a bite to eat.

Happy Monday to you all. Go out and have some fun.

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