Mason turned 3!!!!!

Yesterday, Mason turned the big 3. He is still pretty sure that he is 2 but we are working on him. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy! When he woke up this morning I asked his what the best party of his birthday was and his response was….the candles. Easy to please 🙂
Thanks to all the calls and emails. We were out most of the day so it was fun to come home and play the machine and here all the birthday wishes!

One thought on “Mason turned 3!!!!!

  1. Glad your birthday was fun, Mason. It sure sounded like it when we called. Alice hope you had a great time with your sleepover. Sam congrats on your swim meet. Great job! Hi Paige. How is the little princess? Jen, keep up the great work with this blog. What a wonderful way for all of us to stay in tune with you guys!

    Love Papa G and Grandma

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