Michigan 2010. Catching Lightning Bugs.

This past week we have been spending time with family in northern MI.  We stayed a couple days in Flushing (where Scott and I grew up) and then we headed “up north” for the remainder of our MI adventure.  We had a really nice time and a huge thank you to Scott’s Uncle Tom who put up 20 extra people for the week.  Most of the week was spent hanging out by the lake, tubing, jet skiing and just plain relaxing.  We did take a couple day trips, one to Mackinac Island and another to Sleeping Bear Dunes Natl. Park.  I took A LOT of pictures…ahemmm….let’s just say it’s over 200.  I am hoping to post a few each day this week.  As you can see, the kids didn’t enjoy themselves at all 🙂 

Capturing a Moment.  Catching Fireflies.  Our kids have never seen fireflies or lightning bugs.  One evening as we were getting ready to put the kids to bed we noticed that the yard was full of lightning bugs.  They were twinkling everywhere.  It was such a fun moment for our kids and for Scott and I. 

You can see some of the lightning bugs twinkling in the pictures.  The kids wanted to bring them home but we decided to leave them in Michigan and visit them on our next visit. 

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