Michigan 2010. Mackinac Island

One of our favorite places in Michigan is Mackinac Island.  This small island is located in Lake Huron between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.  The only way to access the island is by ferry. There are no cars allowed on Mackinac and the only ways to get around is by foot, bike or horse.  We spent most of last Wednesday exploring the island.  We hiked up to the highest point on the island, Fort Holmes and to Arch Rock.   After lunch we rented bikes and spent the afternoon riding the 8 mile path that goes around the island.   We stopped at the halfway point to get an ice-cream and play in the water.  The kids thought the lake was awesome and kept calling it the ocean.  We ended the trip with some fudge, taffy and tourist sweatshirts. 

Mackinac Bridge connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.  This bridge is 5 miles long.

Sam riding the ferry over to the island.  The ferry ride takes 16 minutes.

The fam on the porch of the Governor’s summer house. We didn’t know it but on Wednesdays you can tour for free.

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