Michigan 2010. Hometown.

We spent the first couple days of our visit in Flushing, with Scott’s parents.  Flushing is where Scott and I grew up.  We went to a year of elementary school, junior high and high school together.  Good times.  The kids enjoyed getting reacquainted with their cousins and checking out some Flushing landmarks.  They got to see where we went to school and the house that I grew up in.  My parents were not there so we just walked around and checked out grandpa’s paths. I have also included some pics from the pool party at Uncle Glenn and Aunt Jeanne’s house. A big thank you to them for hosting this party!!! It was so wonderful to get to see so many Kolinski relatives!

The Wescott Clan.
 Annabel and Alice dressing up in grandma’s basement.
 Aunt Amy painting Alice’s nails.  Bright orange and yellow. 
 Cousins hanging out on the swing at grandma and papa’s house.
  Everybody loves a big plastic car.  Especially Mason.

 Checking out the backyard at my parent’s house.  The kids were amazed at the size of their yard.  And a creek to boot.  Super cool status 🙂

Sam and Alice swam in the state competition this morning.  They both swam well and I was very proud of them.  I am feeling a bit brain dead after our busy morning at the pool.  Tonight we are off to the state meet pasta dinner.  Scott and I will be spending most of the weekend volunteering at the meet.  Sam swims in a medley relay tomorrow morning and then our kids are done for the summer.  Hopefully I can post a few pictures of the meet before the end of the weekend. 


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