Michigan 2010. Houghton Lake.

The majority of our time in MI was spent at Uncle Tom’s cabin on Houghton Lake.  The kids jet skied and tubed from sun up to sun down.  Our time on the lake was spent relaxing and hanging out. 

The tube was fun on and off the water.

Papa G playing boccie ball with the kids.
What is wrong with this picture????

Cards with grandma.The kids would play all day, every day.  The good thing is, so would grandma.
Papa and Grandma with all the grandkids. The last time this picture was taken was 5 years ago and minus Billy and Mason.

Out by the campfire. 
Thanks for putting up with checking out all my vacation pics.  We sure did have a great time in Michigan.  Thanks to Scott’s parents for all they do while we are there.  We always have such a nice time!!!!
Love, Jennfer

One thought on “Michigan 2010. Houghton Lake.

  1. Oh what a great time it was. The pictures are great and hold soooo many memories. I smile every time I think about it.
    Love Grandma and Papa G

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