Running Fam

Alternately titled…

First Race or…
Run Baby Run or….
Move That Booty!

Today Scott and the kids ran the first race of the Pike’s Peak Road Runners Fall Series.  Scott ran the adult race and did awesome finishing 40th overall for the men.  The kids (yes, all of them) ran the kid’s race.  Mason was so excited he could hardly contain himself.  The 0-3 year olds ran 25 yards.  He fell right at the start but got up and was off!  Amazing to think he started walking a year ago.  Now he is running races.  Sam and Alice ran the 6-8 year old race and Paige ran the 4-5 year old race.  They all did great.  The weather was awesome, again, and we enjoyed a picnic lunch at the park between races.  Such a great day to be together.  Today I took the pictures and had so much fun doing just that.

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