She’s So Excited….

…..and she just can’t hide it! 

 Remember these sweet little teeth.  Paige was such an awesome baby, we hardly knew she was getting teeth. Of course, the bottom two were the first to come and the first to go.
Paige lost her first tooth tonight.  It was the usual drill. We realized the tooth (and the one next to it) was loose about 6 months ago and she has been carefully wiggling it since then 🙂  Momma took matters into her own hands tonight.  Out came the tooth and Paige is soooo excited.  She is now vigorously wiggling the neighbor tooth in hopes it might fall out sooner than later.  Bring me the money!!!!  On the way to bed, she did mention that she hoped she didn’t have the same tooth fairy as Sam and Alice because that tooth fairy forgets to come by, a lot. She needs a refresher course, or something.  Maybe she is over worked and tired…..Hmmmm.  Could be.  Anyhoo, the tooth is out, placed lovingly in the tooth pillow. 
I have no idea what you are talking about when you say she is most definitely my child.  We look nothing alike. Wink, wink… She certainly did not get that silliness from me.  No way.  Wink, wink….
Much love to you all!

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