Let the countdown begin

6 days to go until the marathon.  Today was our (me, Mason and the jogger) last long run before the big day.  We did 8 miles this morning and I felt pretty good.  Two more short runs this week sans Mason and jogger and I will be set, I hope.  I have to admit that this taper period is very bad for my psyche.  I begin to doubt whether or not I will be able to run 26.2 miles.  Scott assures me that this is just marathon jitters and that I will do fine.   Now all I need to think about is my race clothing and what to eat this week.  I had my last caffeinated beverage on Sunday and I was encouraged to lay off the donuts until after Sunday.  I have no idea what he is talking about.  I think the guy that gave me that advice was the same one who ate Little Debbie’s during a century run.  So, here’s Mason on our last big run together before the big 26.2.  It has been fun, Mason.  I love you but I am not going to run with you in the jogger for a longggggg time. You two are getting pretty heavy especially on previously mentioned “hills”. 

2 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin

  1. Good luck Jen! I will be thinking of you!! Chicago was aweome! It was ridiculously hot – like 85 degrees…but they were giving out ice and had firetrucks spraying hoses on us – so I was still able to finish in a time I was very happy with – 4:50. And, best of all I didn't get sick this time. The third one was a charm! I am still on a high from it all. I can't wait to read all about yours next week!! Make sure Scott takes as many pictures as you do 🙂

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