Trees, Traditions and Time Together

This weekend was packed.  And I do mean packed busy.  Saturday we got up and continued on with a fun family tradition of hiking into the woods, hunting down the perfect Christmas tree, cutting it down and schlepping it back down the trail to the car.  This is always a memorable experience.  Scott and I started this tradition before kids.  I do believe Sam’s first Christmas he rode out into the forest strapped to the front of me, nestled in my coat and (almost) every Christmas since we have set out on the ultimate adventure in search for the most perfectly scraggliest tree.  Snow has fallen, kids have cried, disputes have ensued, all for that one tree.  A Wescott family tradition.  Anyway, this year was no exception and our quest didn’t take long.  We found our Christmas tree right off the main trail.  The kids fell in love immediately but Scott wasn’t ready to give up the search that easily so we marked our tree with a tree branch arrow and headed down the trail.  After walking what seemed to be miles and listening to the kids ask about the first tree about a hundred times, we decided to turn around and head back.  We kept our eyes peeled just in case our tree was hiding, tucked away, off the trail.  We ended back at our arrow and with much prodding from the kids we cut down our 2010 Christmas tree.  Everyone got a chance with the saw and nobody was harmed in the cutting of the tree.  I know you are on the edge of your seats so without further ado, our tree (and some cute pictures of the kids out in the woods).

  Today was my mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I am so blessed to have such a fantastic mother.  She has always been such a good role model for me as a mother and I love her dearly.  I hope I grow up to be just like my mom 🙂  Oh wait, I am grown up.  Shoot.  When did that happen?  Everyday I find myself saying something to my kids that she said to me as a child or wondering what my mom would do in a particular situation.  She has always been my biggest fan and I hope she knows that I am hers.  I love you Mom!!! Sooo, today we went on a girls trip with my SIL Stacie, niece Madison and my mom and girls to Denver.  We had lunch and visited the American girl store.  The girls had fun showing Grandma all the things they hoped for and wanted.  They made a wish list, which in Paige’s case included everything in the store, for Santa.  After shopping we headed back to my parents and celebrated again with a pizza dinner.  This time we included the boys.  We had an awesome day and can’t wait to do it again some time soon. 
My mom and I. 
We may have had a couple gimme’ meltdowns but I am not naming names.
Santa was really busy so we settled for a peek at the big guy and a picture with the plastic reindeer.
Have a great week!  We are finally all healthy.  Can I hear an amen?

One thought on “Trees, Traditions and Time Together

  1. It is a great tree!!! Love those traditions and everyone survived! A nice tribute to your mother and well deserved. A great lady. Tis the season. Try to enjoy.

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