No Words {Kidding, Only Kidding}

This is pretty much how I feel right now…  No, not really.  But we have been soooo busy and it seems that it is only getting busier.  Truth be told, I love Christmas and the holidays but it is so easy to get wrapped up (pardon the pun) and stressed during the holiday season.  On that note, a recap from our weekend. 
When Scott got home we decorated our gingerbread houses. In past years I have bought the one big house and we all take turns decorating it but it is usually a fight between the kids on who gets to spread the icing, apply gum drops or line windows with skittles.  This year I found a gingerbread kit that included stuff to make 5 houses.  Everybody (but daddy) got their own house to decorate as they wished.  Perfect.

The final product.  It took me an hour to scrape red, green and white frosting off my tablecloth but it was so worth it 🙂
Saturday morning we spent our time at church getting ready for the Christmas program at church.  We ran a dress rehearsal (a couple times) and readied the sound system and set.  In the afternoon,  Scott took Mason to a birthday party and the big kids and I hung out at home.   In the evening we got the pleasure of babysitting for Scott’s cousins kids, Jackson and Jordan. After John and Jen came home from their party, they hung out at the house for a couple more hours.  It is so awesome having them so close. 
Sam and baby Jordan.  So sweet and tiny.
Sunday morning we went to church, came home and all took naps and then headed back to church for the kids’ Christmas program.  They did great and were invited to an encore performance next Sunday during worship.  After the program we headed out to the Werschky family Christmas party.  This is always a good time with yummy eats and a white elephant gift exchange.  By the time we got home, everybody was exhausted and pretty much collapsed into bed.  Getting up this morning was tough, to say the least.
the shepherds
the wisemen

our sweet sheep

shepherd and sheep
I hope you all had a great weekend!  We are enjoying this beautiful spring weather!  Happy holidays to all!

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