Big Day for the Masonator

Or should I say for momma…

Mason had his preschool Christmas program this morning.  It was really cute and all the kids did great. The best part was that I finally got a kid who will stand with the class, sing and do the hand motions.  Finally.  Samuel, Alice and Paige, all got freaked out standing in front of the parents and teachers.  Sam would stay with his class but never sang.  Alice would stand with her class and cry until I gave in and went up and got her and Paige, well, she never got up with her class and usually had to be pried off of the neck of one of her teachers.  Mason is NOT timid, at all.   I love it.  I loved it so much that I only took a couple pictures because I was so busy watching him have a blast.  Way to go Mason! 

In the afternoon, Mason and I took a drive to Denver.  CCAI was holding a dedication for all the orphanage directors from the Henan Province and those directors really wanted to see their kids.  We couldn’t miss this.  The director of Mason’s orphanage was really welcoming to us when we were in China.  She gave us a tour of the facility, a snack, introduced us to Mason’s nanny, drove us to Mason’s finding spot and took us out for a traditional Henan lunch, pork fat and all.  Okay, I have to admit it, here and now, even though my mom always told me to take a bite of everything, I didn’t try the pork fat.  Now that I have that off my chest I can go on.  Anyway, she was so excited to see Mason.  She was thrilled to see him walking as well.  It was a great trip and so worth taking the drive!  Mason wasn’t so sure about all the kissing and hugging.  All he really was interested in were the cookies at the refreshment stand.  I honestly cannot tell you how many cookies he consumed.  Every time I looked he had his hand on another sugary snack.  Tis’ the season for sugary snacks, I guess.

Tomorrow is the older kids’ last day of school for Winter Break.  You know what that means?  The come home from school all jacked up on sugar and it will take the better part of the weekend to see them come down from that sugar high.  Oh, they will fall, they will.  And it won’t be pretty.  Trust me, this isn’t my first day on the job.  Enjoy an early start to the weekend and may your children pass the tray of frosted cookies and move right on over to the veggies.  Man, whose mom would bring a veggie tray?!?!?!?!  No idea. 

One thought on “Big Day for the Masonator

  1. Way to go Mason!! Maybe it is a good thing Mom watches what you guys eat. If not you may grow up to look like one of the grandpas. I'm not sure which one!!

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