Electric Safari

Tonight we all packed into the truck and traded our zoo for a different one!  The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  I know that I have mentioned this before, but our zoo is awesome.  A small zoo on the side of the mountain.  If you live in COS and don’t take advantage of the zoo, you are crazy 🙂  Just kidding, you aren’t crazy….but you should get out to the zoo.  It rocks!  During the holidays, the zoo decorates with tons of lights and is open in the evenings for visitors.  We spent a couple hours checking out the lights, the animals and taking a pony ride.  Two of our most favorite kiddos, Ellie and Brendan, tagged along with us.  All the kids were  great and we had a blast!  The holidays are upon us and I am starting to feel more prepared.  Gifts bought, cookies baked, cards addressed and mailed and kids are done with school.  Whew, life is busy in December! 

Have a nice weekend!

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