Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the holidays!  We had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  The kids are having a blast with their new toys.  Santa and the grandparents were very good to them this year 🙂  This is pretty much the gist of our holidays. It was a whirlwind and Scott and I are exhausted. 
Every time we tried to get a good photo we ended up with the back of someone head.  This time it was Paige’s.
Anyway here are a few of my pics from the holiday. 

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents, went to church for a couple hours and then went back to my parents for the annual crab leg dinner.  Christmas day the kids got up early and opened presents.  For dinner, we went to my brother’s house. Again this year, my younger brother, Jason flew in for the holidays.  We only see him a couple times a year so it was great to catch up. 
The favorite gifts this year were…
Sam- Timex watch, Legos Star Wars for Wii, Diary of Wimpy Kid (last two books)
Alice- Kindle, zhu zhu pets, locket
Paige- snow globe craft, American Girl Lainey, Ipod shuffle

The best gift of all is the birth of Jesus.  I really enjoyed learning about the birth, life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ through an Advent study at our church.  We read a chapter of Luke each night and then discussed them weekly.  The kids also enjoyed their Advent study and we had some great discussions this year about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. 

I hope you and yours are enjoying a beautiful holiday season.  With love from our family to yours. 

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