Good Times

We are really enjoying the break from school.  Last week seemed to blow by with family visits and last minute errands.  This week we are hanging out, playing with our new toys and having lots of fun.  Yesterday the kids and I went to the movies and saw Tangled.  Very cute.  Paige was thrilled with the limited amount of scary parts and Mason was thrilled with the large package of Twizzlers that were not so hidden in my purse.  Today after lunch, we headed out to our local soda shop, Squeak.  Sam had Black Cherry soda with a large scoop of Death by Chocolate ice-cream.  Paige, Alice and Mason all chose Cotton Candy flavored soda with a scoop of Cotton Candy ice-cream (topped off with a piece of cotton candy).  Can you say SUGAR HIGH!!  It was a nice treat and good to break away from the house for a few minutes anyway.  I took these pics with Scott’s new camera.  He was really wanting a super small one that he can take out on long runs and bike rides.  It takes pretty good pictures.  I got Photoshop Elements from him and I am having fun editing some pictures although these are straight out of the camera (okay, I did crop them).  I also got a Cricut from my parents.  Alice and I had a good ole’ time cutting out shapes and letters this morning.  I have a feeling that thing could suck up a lot of my time and money, in a good way, if you know what I mean 🙂  I always love a craft.  Right, Vic?!?!?! 

Unfortunately, Scott has not been having as much fun as us.  He has been working a ton of hours and doesn’t see an end to it.  I had a Orange Creamcicle with Vanilla ice-cream float in his honor.  And maybe just a little bit for me…..
Have a great holiday!

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