Running and….

 Yesterday Kristin and I got in our long run.  We started at dawn and by the end it felt like we had been running all day long.  Not really all day but by the end of our very hilly (mostly up) 11 mile run, we were pooped.  We did stop and take some fun pictures.  Every time we run we say that we should bring along a camera to prove that we really are out there, having a blast 🙂  So yesterday I was packing.  Scott’s new mini camera to be exact. 
taking a self portrait in front of Garden of the Gods
who were we kidding, we were getting tired
and looking for a break
Just starting out at dawn.  6:30 am, Saturday morning.  We are hardcore:)


Now on to the Meaning of Children.  

It’s getting deep.

Deep in Crisco.

You think that I am going to write a really deep post about how much I appreciate my children, right??!?! 

Not so much.  I do love and appreciate each and every one of my blessings.  They are gifts from God afterall!  There is one other meaning for children that sometimes goes unnoticed.  Yes.  I am speaking of greasing the cookie pan.  A job that all moms despise and all children love doing, or think they love doing.  I did it as a child and I am sure my mom did as well.

Alice did a great job.  I think she has a future in pan greasing.  At least until she realizes that her kids love it as much as she once did 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

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