Paige {Third Born}

The best. Third born. Ever.

I couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more cooperative, smiley, enthusiastic child.  She lights up the room. She bounces everywhere.  She cuddles.  She is awesome.  Our third born. 


2 thoughts on “Paige {Third Born}

  1. Paige is the cutest 100 year old I have ever seen. Great Grandma's hat and purse are perfect along with the wig and necklace from Hawaii. Dad and I loved it.

    She is a sweet girl.

    Grandma Marilyn

  2. That is so funny Jen… I feel that way about Alexis. She is only 8 months but for sure my happiest, chubbiest, self entertaining-ist one of all three. Third borns rock. Paige is such a cutie.

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