Piano Recital

On Sunday afternoon, Alice had her first piano recital. She started taking piano in January and just started learning music on the staff.  I am not sure who was more nervous, Alice or me?!?!?!  She wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with it but in good tough love parenting fashion I continued to reminder her that she would indeed play and feel good about it.  There were a few tears on the drive to the recital but we held strong that she was just nervous and would be great!  And she was great! Here is the video.  I took a few pictures but the lighting in the auditorium didn’t get along with my camera so my shots are pretty bad. 
This video is of Alice practicing with her piano teacher before the recital started.  The one of her playing alone won’t load.  I think that it is too big for blogger. 

Piano recitals are really scary and I understand because I have been in a few million of them myself.  Great job Alice!  We are so proud of you.

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