Just wanted to stop by and say Hey.

We are enjoying a visit from Scott’s parents. They are so good to make the trek west from Michigan a couple times a year and it is always awesome to see them!  The kids cannot get in enough games, cards, stories,etc.  They are soaking up the grandparent time, for sure.

We are all prepped again for a semi-busy weekend full of fun. 

I am spending part of my weekend at a missions meeting for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica.  I (and my team from church) am going for week at the end of May.  There is a lot to be done between now and the end of May and most of the time it feels like a race.  If I make it to the finish and haven’t dropped too many balls along the way, I call it a success!  Anyway, a mission trip has been heavy on my heart for quite some time and I don’t believe that it was a coincidence that this trip came along when it did.  I wish that Scott could go with me but the timing was not as perfect for him. 

Sam has a huge pioneer project due this week so we will be dedicating some quality time to finishing that up. 

Scott, his parents and the kids are heading out in the morning for a soccer game and then to the movies.  Good times all around!

We are trying to decide what the rest of the weekend has in store for us but we know it will be fun no matter what the activity. 

I hope you all have a great weekend.  We are loving the bit of rain we have gotten this week and are hoping for some more next week.  It is really dry and fires have begun to pop up around town and the state.  A couple weeks ago there was a small grass fire a mile down the road.  Just a bit too close for comfort!

Enjoy Spring!  It is wonderful to be able to open up windows and let the warm breeze in! 

One thought on “Thoughts

  1. Couple of comments…

    One the only time something is not a success is when you fail to try!!

    Two it was a great visit, short but just a wonderful time hangin!!

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