Run for the Hills

Okay, so I know that I haven’t posted about my 25K trail race last weekend.  I am still getting over the trauma of it.  No, just kidding. I am actually flat on my back from surgery.  Nothing major, just a hernia fix that I have been putting off for about 9 1/2 years.  Anyway, I am still recuperating and  bit sore still.  I thought this might be the perfect time to write a short post about the race.  Since I am still laying on the couch and all.  Laying on the couch for long periods of time is not something in which I am accustomed.  Scott is doing my job really well. Too good, if you ask me 🙂  He has mastered meals, piano lessons, doctor’s visits, field trips and school pick-ups. 

So, back to the race.  It took place at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  This state park has recently opened and is awesome for hiking, running, camping and just exploring.  We hiked down there last summer and I remembered the trails being really wide and easy to navigate. Well, my memory was better than I thought (which hardly ever happens). Most of the trails were in good shape.  Some of them were pretty rocky but as long as I am careful, rocky trails can be fun and navigating between rocks can keep your mind busy.  The trails were also really twisty and winding, another good distraction.  The first half of the race was fun and went by fast.  The aid stations were stellar and I found myself checking out the buffet which included Pb&J’s, jelly beans, M n’ M’s, coke, sprite, water, Gatorade, pretzels, and on and on…. By mile 7 I was tired but still felt pretty good.  I saw Scott and the kids and that perks me up every time!  Back out on the trail, it seemed like we were doing a ton of climbing without the down to go along with it.  Up and up we went. So, I could continue to write the word up a few more times but I don’t want to bore you, completely.  Up pretty much summed up (he he) the rest of the course.  There was a slight down to the finish but needless to say, the second half kicked my butt.  I finished in 3:15 and was very happy with that time.  It seems that according to multiply GPS watches, the course was actually closer to 16.7 miles (not 15.5).  That makes sense when I look at my time and usual pace.   
Don’t laugh too hard at my picture.  I had a mouth full of jelly beans.  A mouthful of jelly beans makes it really hard to smile. 

So I won’t be running for a couple weeks or doing much of anything for that matter.  I think I could get used to this couch potato thing. 
Have a nice Saturday.  I will be here, right here, if you need me…..Jennifer

2 thoughts on “Run for the Hills

  1. tee hee, you make me laugh! Way to go on the 25k!! Now if I could only get my PF under control, I'd start training for my first 5k…

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