Summing Up the Last Week

Before anyone starts staging an intervention due to my lack of blogging, I am back! 

I am healing from surgery and feeling better.  The weather has finally turned gorgeous and I am itching to get out and run.  Truth be told, I am really missing my kid free chat time with my running partner!  Today was my post-op appointment and the doc gave me the okay to start running.  No lifting, but running is good. 

Last week we were busy with soccer practice and games, track days, a trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum and tons of school activities. Adding to the mayhem, it was also Scott’s last week of work.  The kids have eleven days of school left before summer break and until then, life will be busy. 

Alice and friends at track day

 Alice running her heart out.
 Paige in the tug of war
 Sam winning the big foot race
 Sam trying out the tug of war
 Alice and I after her a Mother’s Tea at school
 The kids at the Denver Nature and Science Museum
 I am all ears!
 Paige getting ready for her trail race.  She came in 5th!
Alice waiting to start her race.  She rocked it and came in 3rd place! 
Mason having fun with the blocks. 
Tomorrow I will post (I promise, pinkie swear) about my awesome Mother’s Day. Have a great week and a happy Monday!

To all my blogging friends~ are you having trouble with your pictures turning blurry after you post them?  I spend tons of time editing and then they look crummy when I upload them…..very frustrating….
I welcome advise or help 🙂

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