Block Party

Scott and I have attended our small Methodist church for 11 years.  We started attending as a family of two and now have grown to six.  Our kids love going to church and it has become an extension of home for them.  Our church family has grown to be just that, our family.  It is a place where we feel comfortable, welcomed and spiritually renewed and uplifted.  Today was no exception.  We spent the day at our church’s spring block party running games, tuning bikes, chasing kids, enjoying praise music and fellowship with old friends.  It was an awesome day.  The kids had a ball running around in their stocking feet between games, food and bounce houses.  I tried to capture them all throughout the day but seemed to have missed Sam with my camera. 

 Paige enjoyed the craft table, as usual!
 The cake walk is always a popular game. Hmm, I wonder why???
Mason and Melanie (our awesome babysitter and friend)

 Scott doing what he loves, tuning bikes….
 Alice and Abby hanging out in the fire truck.  Also a favorite for the kids….
waiting for the bounce house
I hope you all had a fantastic day full with family, friends and fun…..

3 thoughts on “Block Party

  1. We were right here in Mt. Shadows~Wilson United Methodist Church. The weather was great until about 1 o'clock and then it got REALLY cold 🙂 We have a block party in the spring and fall for all the church neighbors. Great fun!

  2. Hey Sam, did you see Mason's haricut? Just wondering. Isn't it nice to know that your church family will always be there for you when others can't or won't.

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