Celebrating Early

It seems a bit silly, but with every effort to keep things fair and include everyone, summer birthdays may not go unnoticed.  Okay, maybe because I had a December birthday, I am a bit unsympathetic to the whole “summer birthday” issue.  If you have one, you know that with a summer birthday, there is no loud student led rendition of Happy Birthday, Cha, Cha, Cha or the passing out of a sugary snack to share with your classmates.  Those kids whose parent made the devastating choice to have children during the warm summer months lose out, big time.  Well, not anymore.  It seems the new tradition is to pack in all those summer birthday celebrations right at the end of the school year.  Hey, we don’t have anything else going on, right??? 
(insert unnecessary temper tantrum)

With that being said, we happily celebrated Alice’s soon to be 8th birthday in her classroom today.  She chose powdered doughnuts as her treat.  I may have tried out a couple ahead of time just to make sure they weren’t injected with poison or something….aren’t I a good mom???!?!?!?  It did make me feel a lot better. 
After the yummy treat, her teacher let her pick out a game to play with the class and she chose Hangman.  Scott got to be the Hangman artist.  I could tell that Alice loved having her Dad right up there with her.  She picked big long words like Interesting and Satisfied, coming very close to stumping her classmates. 

Happy Almost 8th Birthday, Ladybug!  You are Awesome! 

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Early

  1. I've always celebrated the girls 1/2 birthday at school. Who doesn't love icecream treats in the winter? I find it way easier than trying to pack it in at the end of the year. What a great mom you are, and how fun for Scott to get to go too!!

  2. Can I go to school and celebrate my birthday when we are out there? Happy “Early” Birthday, Alice. I will be happy to be the field tester for the treats!!!

  3. I wondered if you and Emily had hooked up! Especially with you both being runners! I can't believe how big the kids have gotten! Happy Early Bday, Aluce – we LOVE powdered sugar doughnuts around here!

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