Singing Running in the Rain

Last night our kids ran races down at Bear Creek Park.  The weather was pretty nice when we arrived but we could see the black cloud in the distance.  We hoped that they would change direction or miss us but no such luck.  It started sprinkling during Mason’s run, downright poured and hailed during Paige’s run, slowed down a bit for Alice’s and the sun came back out for Sam’s long run.  Despite the rain, all the kids ran well.  Mason finished his 1/2 mile race without any parental help.  Paige finished in a very wet 3rd place, Alice came in 5th with a great big smile on her face and Sam finished top ten in 9:04 for his 1 3/4 miles.  No matter how many races they run, I always tear up when they hit that finish line.  Maybe because I know how tough it is to finish a race and the accomplishment of pushing yourself through the finish.  I am a bit competitive and I do like to be near the finish to scream and holler encourage my children through to the end. Most of the other parents call me crazy but my kids just call me mom 🙂 

 Sam coming into the finish

A very wet Paige! 

A blurry Mason at the start of his race.  

Happy 36th Birthday to Scott!  Today we are celebrating his day!  We love you!

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