I know, I know…….

I admit it…I have been absent.  Absent from this stinking blog.  Really not here.  People are noticing.  Really noticing.

Just out of curiosity, I checked back to my posts from this time last year.  I was a bit absent last year too.  If you are a parent, you know why.  Life is crazy at this time of the year.  Driving here. Running there.  You know how it is…. Crazy.

Now that I have given my excuses and my apology.


Okay, now that I have really given my excuses and apology, I will update you on the end of our summer.  We traveled to Michigan at the end of the summer and arrived home 2 days before school started.  It seemed like there was no time between washing swim suits and towels and getting back to school shopping finished.  Now the kids have been back to school for three weeks.  Sports practices started this week and my head has begun to spin once again.  Sam and Paige are playing soccer, practicing on the same two nights, same time, different locations.  Go figure.  Alice is still playing piano and just started volleyball. Her practices are on a different day, thank goodness.  All three big kids are running cross country after school and will have weekly meets around town.  Mason started preschool today and loves it. Loves it. His favorite part of school is lunch 🙂

Scott and I are good.  We are working on some changes around here.  More to follow.  It is so awesome to have Scott working from home.  Today we ran errands and had breakfast together.  Love it, again.  He is starting to run again.  If you weren’t around at the beginning of the summer, you might not have known that he ran a 50 miler and then realized that something was wrong with his leg. Oh yeah, it was a stress fracture in his fibula.  Yep, he did run a 50 miler on a fractured leg.  He is a little bit crazy in the head.  Anyhoo, he was on rest for 3 months and just started lacing up his shoes last week.  I thoroughly loved my summer with the kids.  We had a ton of fun and stayed super busy with field trips, art projects, cooking, etc. 

My pictures are a bit random but a recap of the end of summer and beginning of a busy fall. 

 Alice and friends at Girl Scout Camp
 Scott and kids volunteering at Feed My Starving Children
Mason on his first day of preschool

 Samuel reading in the tent
 Alice and Abby take a hiking break
Paige always looking cute!
Life is always busy but so good.  We are so blessed by our children and the family and friends that surround us!  Late in the summer, we lost a friend in a tragic accident.  It has really made me stop and realize the beauty and fragility of this life.  Cherish your babies, hug your friends, love with your whole heart.  Love each moment.  Life is so precious. 

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