Lost and Found

I have been cleaning out closets this week in an effort to get rid of lots of #$%@ simplify our life.  Deep, I know.  Because I couldn’t see the floor of my sewing room/spare bathroom/closet, I set my sights on that space last night and didn’t give up until it was organized and “simplified”.  I threw a lot of stuff away.  Under a pile of fabric, I found a picture disk, labeled Paige’s birth.  Really?!?!?  I can honestly say that I did not know this disk existed.  Obviously, at some point, I must have had knowledge of it, because it was my handwriting on this mystery disk.  But I have no recollection of it.  Seriously.  My only excuse is that Paige was my third birth in less than 4 years. I had a toddler, baby and newborn. I was crazy.  Out of my mind in mommydom.  I could have made that picture disk, put it up on a shelf and never thought about it again.  Sooo, after finishing up my simplification (is that a word?) of the spare bedroom closet, I popped that disk into my computer and here is what I found.  I will admit to you that I did tear up a bit.  I had sweet, sweet babies.

Paige’s birthday

do you see that they are holding hands?   

Dr. Clark delivered Sam, Alice and Paige. He rocks!

Check me out.  I am so funny!

 precious adorable Alice
 excited to be big brother and sister
 brand new baby Paige
(see I was crazy, I let a todder hold a newborn)
Anyway, I now have 75 pictures of Paige’s birth that I didn’t know I had when I finished her baby book.  Looks like we might we adding a few more pages. 
Aren’t they cute?!?!?!

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