Our First Field Trip

The kids and I came up with our summer bucket list many moons ago.

And then life happened.
Today, because we had to be out of our house for a few hours (remind me later to tell you how much I love house showings), we headed out for our first summer field trip.  Because I didn’t have any need to be in the car for more than a few minutes (read: we’ve been in the car a lot), we chose one of our field trips that is here in town. We headed over to the Dillon Nature Preserve.  The kids thought it looked suspiciously like a hike but I assured them that it would be way more.  Well.  It was pretty much a hike BUT it was an especially nice hike that cruised along the edge of one of the many peninsulas on Lake Dillon.  We even stopped for some rock skipping in the lake.  All in all, a thumbs up on this stop.  Next week, I may decide to venture out of the county 🙂

Sam and Alice checking out a wild strawberry plant.

lake view
She is too cool for school.

Skipping rocks…always a crowd favorite.
I hate to brag but we sure do live in a gorgeous spot.  Just sayin.
Happy Tuesday. 
On to Wednesday.  

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