Alice {9}

Happy Birthday to our sweet, spunky, sometimes girlie, sometimes not, mighty, beautiful and super smart Alice.  She continues to challenge and amaze us, everyday.  We love you!!!!!

I read this poem a few days ago and thought about my girl.  I pray this for her.
Check it out here!

Alice had an awesome day.  We stopped and picked up Alice’s friend Lily and then went and saw the new movie Brave.  It was great and a very refreshing change from the typical princess movies that we all know and love.  After the movie, we stopped at home to get Scott and then we headed to Eagle-Vail for the first swim meet of the summer.  You were missing those pool pics, weren’t you?!?!?!?  Anyway 🙂  The kids did awesome and swam soooo well.  After the meet we headed back into town, got some dinner and enjoyed some cinnamon rolls (her choice, not mine) for dessert and Alice opened her presents.  Not only did the kids fall into bed without a peep but Scott and I were not far behind 🙂

Here’s to our sweet girl. Every year we forbid her to get any older but she went ahead and turned nine anyway.  I guess we will adjust.

She got exactly what she asked for….a pogo stick.
Love you Ladybug,
Momma, Daddy, Sam, Paige and Mason

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