Sadness and Blessing

As most of you know, Colorado Springs has been in the shadow of a wildfire for a few days. A wildfire started in the mountains west of Colorado Springs last Saturday.  We were all watching it very closely as it grew and threatened small towns and major roads in and out of Colorado Springs.   Scott and I were keeping our eyes on the fire because it seemed so close to our community in which we lived for 13 years.  Of course, our friends and family in the Springs were watching with a very close eye because the smoke plume was so visible to them.  As the fire grew, many of our old neighbors and friends began to gather and pack up precious belongings.  At the beginning of the week, many of those friends were put on a voluntary evacuation and then mandatory one.  Unfortunately, some of our friends and family were not on any sort of evacuation notice and believed that they were not in this dangerous fire path.  Tuesday afternoon a storm blew in and the wind pushed that fire over the ridge and sent it down the mountain into the homes on the hillside.  I happened to be watching the news as it happened.  Within a few hours, those houses and in some cases whole neighborhoods were taken over by flames.  It is a blessing that everyone was able to flee the fire to safety.  So many thanks to the fire fighters who saved numerous homes in the Mountain Shadows community and continue to risk their lives fighting this fire.  We are sad to say that many great friends and old neighbors have lost their homes.  It is devastating and tragic but we are so blessed that our friends and family are safe and were not harmed fleeing this horrible fire.  Our church was very close to the fire but miraculously is still standing.  Please stop to say a prayer for all the families that are beginning to find out if their homes are standing or gone.  The news has reported that 346 homes were lost in the wildfire on Tuesday evening.  The Denver Post has posted pictures of this Waldo Canyon wildfire and its devastation. We are not completely sure but think that our old home that we tearfully moved from 8 months ago is still standing.
We all know that the threat of wildfire is great when you live in or near the mountains. There have been many instances when Scott and I have looked out over the foothills (from our Mountain Shadows house) and commented to each other about a wildfire.  It would be devastating, quick and incredibly destructive.  Well, it was all those things and I am completely sure that for those people that lived through that horrible event, it was also frightening and scary to say the least.

Once the shock goes away and the smoke clears, the blessings will emerge.  Children are safe with their parents, neighbors took care of each other, belongs are just things and memories will last forever.


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