Moving In

We have been “moved” into the new house for a week now.
I still have 1236 boxes to unpack.
The kids are loving their new spaces.  Sam and Mason scored their own rooms and the girls are sharing a larger room in the lower level.  I am slowly getting some things put away and finding places for everything.  The master bedroom was the first room to do on my list and then kitchen.  The kids unpacked their boxes and put most of their stuff away. That was hugely helpful.  The laundry/mud room is my next project.  We are in desperate need for hooks and baskets 🙂  So here goes on the the picture walk of the the new house. Well, new to us 🙂  First in line, the kitchen.  I would have posted the master bedroom but it is currently home to stacks of clean laundry.  So it goes with 4 kids. Lots of laundry.
Bless our agent, Tony; we looked at a lot of houses.  Let’s just say it was more than 10 and less than 50 🙂  At the top of my list was mudroom and pantry.  I didn’t even ask for a large kitchen and this was the only house we looked at with a decent sized one and updated too.  Super plus.

Happy Wednesday!  
Love, Jennifer

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