Another Day, Another Room

Nope, still no photos of the master bedroom.  It is still home to piles (and piles) of laundry.
Tonight I am giving you a tour of our mud room.  The mud room was numero uno on the must have list for a house and this mud room/laundry does not disappoint.  If I didn’t like my new purple accent wall in my room so much I might have to put a cot in the mudroom and sleep there.  Just kidding, sort of. Anyway, I still have some work to do (like hanging pictures and getting baskets for hats and gloves) but I am really happy with it now that all the boxes are gone and the painting is finished.  I am not sure what the last owners were thinking with the cupboard choice. My guess was that these were the sale ones.

So, the thing is…if I commit to posting pics of the new house everyday, maybe I will get the boxes unpacked more quickly?!?!? We’ll see 🙂

Please excuse the poor quality of my pictures.  I was taking them at night and couldn’t get a decent shot without the flash.
So, I went with orange.  The painter said it might be his new favorite color.  He was probably just making me feel good about my crazy choice but I still like it.  It is not quite as bright as the pictures seem and really pulls out the rust color in the tile.
 See that small room with backpacks and coats?  I. Love. It.  With four kids, a dedicated area for all the winter parts is a must.
Okay, so I hope you haven’t been bored stiff….next up, the inside of our shed.  Hahahaha!  Just kidding……

Have a great night and check back tomorrow for another riveting tour of some room that has yet to be unpacked:)


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