Life is Short, Play in the Snow.

In the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut, I am once again reminded that our life here on this Earth is short.  We should love our spouses, treasure our babies (no matter the age) and keep our family and friends close, be it in thought and action.

As the holiday season quickly approaches I am also reminded that, instead of getting buried in cards, presents, decorations, holiday parties and commitments, we should stop, take time to breath and enjoy the season.  Earlier this week, I was frantically debating between two pictures of my kids for the Christmas card.  I knew that if I didn’t decide soon, my cards wouldn’t go out in time and they might be late.  And then I stopped. I realized that chances are nobody remembered what my cards looked like last year or when they arrived or if they even received one from us.  Are these silly cards really worth that much worry and time?  No.  I picked a picture, ordered the cards and went and made cookies with my kids.  Because they matter, my kiddos.  Not the Christmas cards or the bulbs that are out at the very top of our tree or the Advent calendar that we forget to add to EVERY DAY.  It is the precious time that I have with my kids and Scott and all the others that I care about.




Have I told you lately….that I love you.

(Thank you Rod.  BTW, did you know that there is a Rod Stewart look alike in West Palm Beach.  Really.)

No. Seriously.  I love you.


2 thoughts on “Life is Short, Play in the Snow.

  1. Saw “A Christmas Story” at the FAC today and I couldn’t stop thinking how much Sam would have just LOVED it!!! Hysterical. Miss you guys (still). Hope you are well. Send snow. Might be camping in your back yard come June. Please warn your HOA.

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