Gettin’ Some

What?!?!?! No!!!! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Snow, people!!!! We are getting some good snow and we are loving it!

This past Thursday (and the one before) Scott and I dropped the kids off at school and headed out for a ski tour of Mayflower Gulch.  We skinned up a couple of miles, took two thousand pictures (just me) and then skied down through some super cool powder. This is definitely my kind of skiing; no lift lines and no people.  Just Scott and I (and one lone tele guy) enjoying the beauty of Colorado.   I kept stopping to take in the beautiful views.   Mayflower Gulch is gorgeous in the summer or the winter and is definitely one of our favorite places.  When you get to the top there are some remains of super cool old mining cabins.  I love to imagine how those pioneers made it all the way up into the gulch and how tough the conditions must have been with no electricity, heat or running water.

It was an awesome morning and my date was pretty cool too 🙂

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  We have had a busy holiday season at home and at work so I am enjoying a couple of weeks off with my babies.

DSC_2056_edited-1 DSC_2054_edited-1 DSC_2053_edited-1 DSC_2051_edited-1 DSC_2049_edited-1 DSC_2048_edited-1 DSC_2035_edited-1

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