Tis’ the Season

To be busy.

December is always a crazy fun month.  We definitely don’t need to find things to keep us busy!  Here is a bit of a picture walk through December. As the month is drawing to a close and we are approaching the start of a new year, we give thanks for all the moments and memories made together.

DSC_2028_edited-1Decorating our gingerbread house is always a fun family tradition.  This year we had a bit of a frosting fight 🙂



The bigs ran in the Frisco Santa Dash.  To keep warm at the start, they participated in a Gangnam Style flash mob.

DSC_2001_edited-1 DSC_2006_edited-1

Once again, Frisco Elementary oohed and aahed us with their holiday music program.  A couple of the highlights from the show were the 5th grade playing Ode to Joy on the recorders, a kindergartener panicking about a lost necklace during the finale and all my kids on one stage for one year of elementary school 🙂

DSC_2059 DSC_2062

Celebrating Christmas with the Werschky side of our family.  It was so awesome of them to drive up to our house this year!  The kids loved spending the day with their cousins.

DSC_2064 DSC_2068 DSC_2069

Christmas morning.  Santa was good to all of us this year.

Some of the top gifts this year:

Paige~ drum kit (yep, you read that right)

Alice~ Ugg style boots

Sam~ Mario for the Wii

Mason~ Lego fire truck

One thought on “Tis’ the Season

  1. A drum kit??!! You let me know how that goes;) They do make electronic drums, they even feel like the real thing, only you can play them with headphones. Miss you guys!

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