A Light {Mason}

I haven’t done an update on Mason in a looooong time and since we just celebrated his four year gotcha day, I thought it might be a good time to fill you in on our littlest man.

Mason has taken Kindergarten by storm.  The beginning of the year was a little tough for him and his sweet teacher.  We have all been working really hard and he is now having more good days than bad.  It truly is a blessing that he is so cute. Regardless of his somewhat naughty behavior, his teacher adores him.  Last week on a particularly tough day, he let her know that God forgives him when he make bad choices.  At least he is listening in Sunday school 🙂  He is reading up all the picture books in the house and continues to stump us with his silly math problems.

DSC_2473_edited-1He is still forbidden to make his own breakfast after an oatmeal explosion in the kitchen but  he loves to help out in any way possible.  And he always does it with a smile.



His favorite game to play is Ninja but we had to put a stop to that after he had a ninja take down on the playground.  Taking down your friend at recess is not a good idea, even if he is playing the bad guy.  Legos are also at the top of the toy list right now.


He talks from the moment he gets up to the minute he goes to bed.  Seriously.  The boy has a lot to say and, frankly, it can be exhausting.  Especially because he gets up at 6:30 in the morning.  That is a lot to say.  If you don’t acknowledge him when he is talking or heaven forbid you ask him to wait a moment, his response is always… but, I got somtin to tell you!  We do hear that a lot.  Seriously.

DSC_2492He truly brings a light to our lives.  He keeps us on our toes.  He loves with all his heart and gives super duper hugs to everyone he meets.

Sweet, bright, beautiful Mason.

One thought on “A Light {Mason}

  1. What great pics! The ladies better watch out! He is a joy to watch as is all the gang. You are truly blessed.

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