Another Wescott Adventure

When we wake up, peek out the window, and see the sun melting the snow, we know it is necessary to get outside and soak it up, the warmth that is.

Yesterday morning, that is exactly what we did.  There are millions of super cool places that we want to find and explore so we decided to make Radium Hot Springs our adventure for the day.  We have heard of this mysterious hot spring for some time but have never found it.  We spent most of the day driving and hiking (and stopping to eat, take pictures, talk about rocks, watch the deer, check out animal bones) looking for this “spot” and when we finally found it, we were not disappointed 🙂  The hot spring is literally a sweet little pool on the edge of the Colorado River.   Wow. Can you say beautiful beyond compare? Anyway, once we actually made it to the spring, we were all tired and getting hungry so after Scott and the kids had a quick dip in the “hot tub”, we hiked back to the car, all happy that we had such a fantastic day.  I can honestly say that being outside exploring this world that God has lent us with our little family is the best way to spend a day.  It truly is God’s country.

DSC_2500_edited-1 DSC_2501_edited-1 DSC_2503_edited-1 DSC_2506_edited-1 DSC_2518_edited-1DSC_2520_edited-1DSC_2525_edited-1 DSC_2528_edited-1 DSC_2530_edited-1

This was a great way to start our spring break!  Check back for more spring break adventures…..


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