Believe it or Not, It Snows in the Mountains

Thank goodness we made it to the hot springs on Saturday because it started snowing   Saturday evening and has barely stopped. We are looking at about 2 feet of the fluffy stuff. We have had two pretty dry winters up here in the Rockies but it seems that winter is taking a stand or spring lost a bet.  I cannot complain because we are all warm and toasty inside and we really need this moisture as we approach the summer months.  Enjoy the pictures.  I took these just off my driveway about an hour ago.

DSC_2535_edited-1 DSC_2537_edited-1 DSC_2538_edited-1 DSC_2543_edited-1


Happy Spring!


One thought on “Believe it or Not, It Snows in the Mountains

  1. Pics from the weekend are great! Looks like you had a great time. Who ever said there is no Heaven never spent time with family in a place like your pics.

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