It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….No! It’s Spring!

Sorry that I have been a bit absent from my little blog.

I don’t have a lot of excuses.

Just ran out of things to say.

We are officially in mud season.

And you know what that means with four kids and dog.


Just when we were all ready for some warm Spring weather, we got a whole lot more winter.

And it made me pretty mad.

At one point last week it was snowing so hard I thought it might be the end of the world.  I felt like I was in a snow globe.  All in all, we got about 2 1/2 feet.

But, alas, the sun is out and the snow is melting.

Spring weather seems to have arrived for now and we are enjoying it.

Today we broke out the bikes and headed down the rec path toward Breckenridge.  It was so beautiful that we didn’t want to turn around but sore heinies won out and we decided it was time to come home.

DSC_2559 DSC_2562 DSC_2563 DSC_2564

Spring, we have missed you.





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