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So, I know a lot of you out there are starting orthodontic work on your children.  I am looking for some insight from those of you who have recently gone through this or are in the thralls of orthodontia right now.

We have been seeing a highly recommended orthodontist here in the county for a while.  Alice and Paige are both in Phase I of their mouth work and each of them have a lovely set of expanders.  At some point we know that they both will need braces (Phase II).  Sam’s mouth seemed to be in better shape; he has a bit of an overbite and some spacing issues.  So, a couple of weeks ago, I took Sam for his six-month checkup and the orthodontist suggested that it was time to start care.  He wants to put an apparatus on each side of Sam’s teeth to correct the overbite for a couple of months and then braces.  He felt like we should start very soon because Sam is approaching puberty and then after that it might be harder to correct the overbite.  The bill for this work seemed really high, even compared to what we are paying for the girls.

After a bit of discussion, Scott and I decided that we probably needed a second opinion.  Today, we took him to another local orthodontist.  This doctor took one look in his mouth and declared Sam was fine and needed no work at this time. This doctor believes that we should wait until Sam loses all his baby teeth (4 more to go) and then we can discuss options.  He did not think that Sam needed to have any correction on his overbite now and with time and some aging it might correct itself.


What do you think?  How do you feel about the phase method of orthodontics?  What did you decide with your kids?  Were you happy that you started early or happy to have waited?  We are leaning toward waiting but would love some input from those who are a bit more experienced in this wild world of teeth.  

Thanks for your help!!!!


4 thoughts on “Comments and Insight

  1. Our Ortho has the same opinion as your second opinion. They didn’t want to do anything until all the baby teeth were gone. Our last part of braces, after correcting the overbite, was waiting for his 12 year molars to be in far enough to put brackets on for the final aligning of his teeth. I was also concerned with his dental habits and wanted to make sure that he brushed and flossed REALLY well before starting. I worry about decay under the brackets. We started right before 7th grade and he should get them off this summer (6 months ahead of schedule). Call me if you want more input. But yes, it was CRAZY expensive. Kelsey has decided that she wants to be an orthodontist more than a dentist now. I told her she is one smart girl 😀

  2. B started early – almost 2 years ago. (but then his teeth are ahead of his age by about 2 years. He had 2 upper teach turned 90 degrees because there wasn’t space. We went to 5 orthodontists to get their input. 2 said pull teeth, 3 were along the same lines as we ended up going with the one we liked. Expanders top and bottom, braces for 1.5 years, now retainer. His 11/12-year teeth are coming in (yes, he’s still 9), and we might need braces later again – but at least now there is room for growing in those adult teeth. So far, knock on wood, no cavities, either… good cleaning habits, I hope! Good luck!! Miss you guys 🙂 Will email if we camp up that way this Summer!

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