Isn’t it funny how as time goes by, all of a sudden, your new friends have become your old friends.  And you really don’t notice.  It just happens.  Sometimes I forget that we have lived in Colorado for 14 years and that many of our friends here have become like family.  We had some awesome moments this weekend with those kinds of friends.

Here is a picture of some wonderfully strong woman who have seen me through most of my biggest life moments (jobs, kids, moves) and have always cheered me on.  Thanks Vic, Ann, Nikki, Gretchen, Cindy and Annemarie!

DSC_2579_edited-1 DSC_2581_edited-2


I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was full and busy and so worth it.

Sunday morning I ran the Colorado Half with another amazingly strong friend, Kristin.  She keeps me running even when I really want to stop.  More on that tomorrow 🙂


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