Laugh, Love, Run.

Poudre Canyon

This past Sunday, Kristin and I ran the Colorado Half in Fort Collins. We have been training independently (since I moved and abandoned her) and getting in a couple longer runs together.  I was hoping to snag an official race picture for this post but as of two minutes ago, they weren’t posted yet.  Bummer for you all.  The photo guy snapped my picture right as I was popping half a granola bar into my mouth.  It could have been worse, believe me.

I never liked running but I decided to start after I had Paige to get back into shape.  The nice thing about running is that is costs little or no money. Put on your shoes and go out the door.  It is easy.  Takes minimal time with all the results.  But…I still didn’t really like it.

Once I started running with Kristin, I forgot that it wasn’t any fun and I ***gasp*** started to enjoy myself.  It still hurts and I much prefer to run with my friend but I have learned to appreciate running.  Even by myself.  It seems a bit cheesy but it so much a metaphor for life.  Just keep running.  It might not feel good.  There will probably be a giant hill when you least expect it.  It might not always go your way but in the end it was so worth it.

I was really sore on Monday AND Tuesday but feel awesome today. I guess maybe I should have trained more independently 🙂

When people ask me why I run I sometimes reply that I like to eat so I have to run but actually it is mostly for the laughter and friendship that comes along with it. And the twenty year high school reunion in July.  Just kidding…sort of.

The Colorado Half was a great race.  We started a few miles up the Poudre Canyon and the views were beautiful.  The only downside was the 6:30 start time.  Loading the bus at 4:45 am was a bit crazy. Thank goodness I was with my partner in crime and that there was coffee (for her) and toilet paper (for me) at the start.

Now that my muscles have gone back to work I can start running again.  What should we train for next, Kristin?

One thought on “Laugh, Love, Run.

  1. Yeah, you abandoned me; therapy is finally helping dull the pain 😉 My new 6’3 running partner complains way more than you and has no cute scale to spice things up. I’m thinking Imogene or a 24 hour relay to promote our anti-aging stance. We need to do Ft. Collins again…beautiful.

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