Date Day {riding bikes}

Now that I am working a few days a week and Scott is working more than ever with unpredictable hours, we don’t get a lot of time alone without kids in tow.  So, we try to get out for some alone time while the kids are in school, which usually happens on Thursday or Friday mornings.  Usually we go out for a run but yesterday we were ready for some warmer weather and riding bikes.

We headed down to Denver for some mountain biking and lunch.  We started at the Green Mountain trailhead in west Denver.  Right off the bat, we were headed up the trail.  And more up.  And more….well, you get the picture.  The views were beautiful from the top and I was wishing that I had my big camera.  You could see all of Denver and it seemed that we were higher than even the airplanes.  After much deliberation on getting down this mountain, we found a route that I could work with.  Once down, I was much happier and had fun playing around with my new bike.  We even got a bit muddy:)

jen riding

After changing and cleaning up we headed into Golden for a quick lunch.  We ate at this little Thai restaurant right downtown.  I am not sure if it was super yummy or if I was famished after riding my bike into the sky 🙂  Actually, we both enjoyed our lunch and will definitely go back.

Anyway, we had a great day together.  We laughed, I cried (a little) and we loved our day without the kiddies.  And we wore sandals.  I know, right?!!??


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